21 All-Russian Congress of Cardiovascular Surgeons

22 - 25 ноября 2015

Topics of the Scientific Program

Preliminary Topics of the Scientific Program

  1. Congenital heart defects
  2. Round table «Actual issues of surgical treatment for CHD with a left ventricular outflow tract obstruction»
  3. Round table «Small left ventricle in the biventricular repair of CHD: diagnostics, surgery, intensive care, risks»
  4. Pulmonary hypertension
  5. Acquired heart defects
  6. Symposium «Problems of the defect aortic valve surgery in elderly patients»
  7. Conference «Aortic defects with or without aneurism of the ascending aorta – possibilities of reconstructive surgery»
  8. Symposium «Active endocarditis of heart valves – modern therapeutic and surgical views»
  9. Ascending aorta and root surgery
  10. Surgical treatment of CAD
  11. Heart rhythm disturbances
  12. Vascular surgery and diagnostics
  13. Conference «Venous and lymphatic complications after cardiovascular surgery»
  14. Combined cardiovascular pathology
  15. Minimally invasive surgery
  16. Surgical treatment of critical heart failure
  17. Cardiomyopathies
  18. X-ray endovascular surgery of the heart and vessels
  19. Extracorporeal circulation
  20. Intraoperative myocardial protection (cardioplegia)
  21. Cardiac anesthesiology
  22. Intensive care
  23. Infection in cardiovascular surgery
  24. Problems of homeostasis in cardiovascular surgery
  25. Appropriate and sufficient monitoring before, during and after cardiac surgery
  26. X-ray diagnositics of cardiovascular diseases
  27. Actual aspects of pediatric cardiology
  28. Modern aspects of cardiology
  29. Rehabilitation of patients after surgery for cardiovascular diseases
  30. Gene factors and cell technologies in cardiovascular surgery
  31. Novel materials and technologies in the experiment for cardiovascular surgery
  32. Nursing
  33. Scientific and organizational questions of cardiovascular surgery
  34. Works of young researches (author’s and all coauthor`s age not over 35 years)
  35. 14th scientific conference «History of describing anatomy of the conducting system of the heart and coronary vessels»

Within the frames of XXI all-russian congress of cardiovascular surgeons will be

  • ✑ The competition for the best scientific work presented by the young researches (author’s and all coauthor`s age not over 35 years)

    Terms of participation:

    1. Each work should have only one author.
    2. The topic should correspond to the scientific program of the Congress.
    3. The work should not be published earlier.
    4. The order of abstract submission corresponds to one approved for the Congress.

  • ✑ Plenary session «Preoperative preparation of cardiac surgery patients: algorithms of examination, drug therapy, indications for surgery»

  • ✑ Seminar (with the participation of the foreign speakers) «Clinical trials in the practice of cardiologist and cardiac surgeon»

  • ✑ “Round tables”, conferences and symposia

    “Round tables”, conferences and symposia organized by the sections of Russian Association of Cardiovascular surgeons – “Pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery”, “Neonatal cardiac surgery”, “ Surgical treatment of pulmonary hypertension”, “Acquired heart defects”, “Coronary artery disease”, “Arrhythmology”, “Cardiology and imaging in cardiac surgery”, “Cardiac anesthesiology and cardiac critical care”, “Extracorporeal circulation”, “Transplantation in cardiovascular surgery”, “Phlebology and lymphology”.

  • ✑ Satellite symposia

  • ✑ Master-classes:

    Seats are limited.

    Pre-registration is mandatory and starts from the 1st of September)

    • – Correction of mitral insufficiency at CHD
    • – Correction of aortic insufficiency at CHD

For the application from the companies
On conduction satellite symposia and conferences
The deadline is set for August 15, 2015.
Original ideas for the scientific program of the Congress would be an asset.
E-mail: org_ncssh@mail.ru