21 All-Russian Congress of Cardiovascular Surgeons

22 - 25 ноября 2015

Rules For Abstract And Report Submission

Abstracts can be submitted only via the website http://racvs.ru/ July 15 - August 15


Rules For Abstract Submission

The author should enter the system under his/her name and then upload the abstracts in conformity with the guidelines specified in the form of electronic submission. After your abstract is uploaded you will receive a confirmation to your e-mail.
If you did not receive the confirmation, your abstract registration was not probably finished and you have to repeat the process.

  • The abstracts should be typed in Russian or English (for foreign participants).
  • The maximum of 3000 spaced signs is permitted. The tables or illustrations are prohibited.
  • The abstract should contain four chapters: AIM, METHODS, RESULTS, and CONCLUSIONS.
  • The abbreviations are not permitted in the text and the title. The exception is made only for frequently used ones: (AHD, CHD, CABG etc.).
  • The title should be typed in LOWER CASES starting by upper case; the initials of the authors should follow the family name (do not indicate scientific degrees). Up to 8 authors can be included.
  • The text of the abstract must disclose the relevance and the purpose of study (AIM); the methods of study (METHODS); the main data and statistical significance (RESULTS); the main conclusions obtained during the study (CONCLUSIONS).
  • Mark the section corresponding to your abstract’s content (sections: congenital heart defects, or acquired heart defects, or heart rhythm disturbances, etc.).

The previously published abstracts will not be published.
The abstracts sent by e-mail will not be considered.
All abstracts will be submitted to scientific review.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to decide (without any explanations) on the form of the presentation, as well as to refuse the publication.

The Abstracts sent after August 15, 2015 or presented unduly will not be considered by the Program Committee.


Time limit for oral presentation is 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion. Presentations for the reports should be done in Power Point. It is obligatory to save the files on flash memory stick, previously checked by the antivirus scanner. Presentations are to be uploaded in the Speaker center beforehand (at least an hour prior to the speech).


A special hall with stands designed to place the works will be given for poster presentation. A poster should be presented in typed form – as a placard or up to 10 standard pages А4 (the surface area is 70х120). Time limit is 5 minutes.


Video presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes. It is to consist of an abstract, which has to be sent via the system of abstract registration to the section of the appropriate category (video presentation). Video files are necessary to be encoded in WMV format.