XIX Annual Session of A.N. Bakoulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery with All-Russian Conference of Young Scientists

18 - 20 мая 2015

Guidelines for presentations

1. Preparation for the oral presentation

The time for oral presentation is 7 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion. The illustrative material can be uploaded in the Speaker center at least an hour prior to the presentation.

The files for oral presentation are accepted only in PowerPoint format. The presentation must be saved on flash memory stick pre-tested by antivirus programs

The guidelines for preparation and presentation the materials in A.N. Bakoulev SCCVS

  1. All illustrations of the presentation should be done in Power Point 2010.

  2. The encoding video in wmv is preferable in advance. Use Windows Media Encoder, Сanopus Procoder, Adobe Media Encoder.

  3. Movie files should be saved in the same folder that contains the presentation.

  4. The recommended limit for images: photo — no more than 5 mb, video — no more than 15 mb. To achieve an acceptable file size change the image pixel dimensions (width and height), using graphic and video editors.

  5. Do not place more than two video clips on a slide.

  6. Give a unique name to the movie if there are two or more of them on a slide. That is, each video should be provided with its own title.

  7. Contrasting colors are more preferable in the schemes. Its readability is significantly reduced if you use low-contrast combinations (blue-green).

  8. Each speaker can use the remote control to switch the slides – A "mouse" is in every department. Its left button is for the next slide, and right is for the previous one.

2. Poster presentation

A special hall with flip charts will be given for poster presentation. You should present your poster in typed form – as a placard or up to 10 standard А4 sheets (the surface area for poster is 70х120).

Time for oral presentation 5 minutes.

3. Video Presentation

Time for video presentation - 10 minutes. Video presentation should consist of an abstract which has to be sent through the system of registration with the selection of the appropriate category (video presentation). It is necessary to encode videos in wmv.