Third Moscow International Course «Cardiovascular Pathology: Surgery and Interventions»

16 - 17 мая 2015

Archive (2014)

Lecturer Presentations Duration
James L. Cox
(La Grange, CO, USA)
The interventional treatment of atrial fibrillation (In vivo remodeling potential of a novel bioprostheric tricuspid valve in an ovine model) 36:13
Closure of the la appendage - should we be more aggressive? (Mechanical closure of the left atrial appendage: Is it time to be more aggressive?) 58:44
Leo A. Bockeria
(Moscow, Russia)
A La Cox-MAZE-III procedure
Paul Sergeant
(Leuven, Belgium)
Can we eliminate the stroke in CABG?
Conversion in OPCAB, can it be avoided? 22:39
Lars G. Svensson
(Cleveland, OH, USA)
Aortic valve repair and root procedures 25:24
Hybrid procedures of the arch and distal aorta including elephant trunk procedures (Current indications, techniques and outcomes of thoracic aortic arch surgery and hybrid stenting) 23:44
Ottavio R. Alfieri
(Milano, Italy)
The evolution from surgery to percutaneous mitral valve interventions 30:18
Current strategies in the management of secondary (functional) mitral regurgitation 28:18
Tricuspid regurgitation in different clinical scenarios: Surgical options and percutaneous perspectives 27:58
Sergey Leontyev
(Leipzig, Germany)
Transcatheter and transapical aortic valve replacement 36:22
Syntax study: Final results and implications 30:33
Pedro J. Del Nido
(Boston, MA, USA)
Valve reconstruction for congenital mitral valve disease 23:24
Tricuspid valve repair: From Ebstein's to functional tricuspid regurgitation 25:22
Ludwig von Segesser
(Lausanne, Switzerland)
Growing indications for catheter valves 26:34
Echo-guided cardiovascular surgery 17:31
Marko Turina
(Zurich, Switzerland )
How useful are guidelines in coronary revascularization? (Guidelines in coronary revascularization: A critical reassessment) 32:40
Lorenzo A. Menicanti
(Milano, Italy)
The retionale to use saphenous vein graft in CABG in era of total arterial revascularization (Long-term results of sequential vein aortocoronary bypass grafting compared to totally arterial myocardial revascularization. A propensity score-matched follow-up study) 25:27
Ischemic mitral regurgitation is ventricular matter, surgical implications 29:39
Ventricular remodelling operation is there a need? (Left ventricular reconstruction concomitant to coronary artery bypass grafting: When and how?) 29:39
Robert A.E. Doin
(Genk, Belgium)
Functional TR: When and how to intervene? 33:03
Transatrial surgical approach to HOCM (Myectomy and mitral repair through the left atrium in hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy: The preferred approach for contemporary surgical candidates?) 29:39
David Taggart
(Oxford, UK)
CABG and stents in 2014 (BIMA for CABG) 41:26
Arterial grafts for CABG in 2014 (CABG after recent trials) 30:15
Roberto Chiesa
(Milano, Italy)
Thoracic aortic infections: Single centre experience and national registry investigation 25:15
Acute aortic syndrome: Open and endovascular management 29:20
Thierry P. Carrel
(Berne, Switzerland)
Malperfusion in acute aortic dissection: Early detection and treatment (Malperfusion in acute aortic dissection type A) 30:28
Mini-ECC perfusion for CABG surgery (Minimize cardiopulmonary bypass combined with a smart suction device is future of cardiopulmonary bypass) 29:20

Archive (2013)

Lecturer Presentations Duration
Robert Anderson
(London, UK)
Surgical anatomy of the aortic root 14:18
The surgical anatomy of the conduction tissues 42:13
Anatomy of the Tetralogy of Fallot 35:55
Leo A. Bockeria
(Moscow, Russia)
Surgery in Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy
From LA Isolation and Corridor procedure to Intervention Mainly and Less Surgery for AF. Our understanding of Surgical Advances 24:20
Stefano Benussi
(Milan, Italy)
Atrial fibrillation surgery today 
Closure of the LA Appendage - Should we be More Aggressive? 15:04
Joseph Coselli
(Houston, TX, USA)
Preventing paraplegia in surgery of thoracic aorta 33:40
Surgery of thoracic aorta: a critical reappraisal 48:39
David Taggart
(Oxford, UK)
Stents or Surgery in coronary artery disease in 2013 36:32
Current status of arterial grafts for CABG 39:30
Pascal Vouhé
(Paris, France)
Surgical management of malposition of the great arteries 24:21
Ross and Ross-Konno procedures in children 21:07
Arterial switch operation 43:36
Roberto Chiesa
(Milan, Italy)
Hybrid repair of aortic arch aneurysms: analysis of peri-operative results and long term complications 34:32
Thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysm open repair: improved results with an updated multimodal approach 45:08
Ludwig von Segesser
(Lausanne, Switzerland) )
TEVAR without angiography 9:11