Научное обоснование применения электромагнитных полей в хирургическом лечении сердечных приступов (заболеваний сердца)

Назад к программе

Giuliani L. 1, D’Emilia E. 1, Saggini R. 2, Ledda M. 2, Lisi A. 2, Grimaldi S. 2, Casciani M. 2, Salia N. 3

1INAL, Rome,Italy; 2Institute of Translational Pharmacology CNR, Rome, Italy; 3Bakoulev CCVS, Russia, Moscow;

Purpose: Hearth attacks could be treated by means of implantation of cardiac stem cells differentiated by means of a suitable couple of static and magnetic fields. Methods: As in cardiac stem cells can be taken from the interior ventricle, can be cultured and differentiated under exposure to static and variable magnetic fields tuned to the ion cyclotron frequency of calcium. Once they are differentiated they can be implanted in the same patient whose stem cells are taken. A preclinical study for such treatment of heart attack has been planned and granted in Italy. Results: In a recent paper it has been observed that magnetic fields at 7, 83 Hz and 14, 45 Hz are able to induce a protonation of water together with a decrease of its PH down to 6. Such effect enhances the amplitude of electromagnetic signals within cells, in any way they are originated. They may arise as DNA signals or membrane signals [4-5] and they seem to be functional to the metabolism of cells. Thus stem cell differentiation can be induced by means of magnetic fields only. Today after a long debate from 1980 to 2000s it’s widely accepted that extremely low frequencies are inducing ion motion in cells, according with the hypothesis of coherence in water at ambient conditions [8-9]. The magnetic induction of calcium motion in cells has been suggested in the last century and it has been recorded in our lab in a movie reported in , as a sequence of snapshots.. Conclusions: Previous achievements provide a new suitable scientific basis for designing and developing electromagnetic devices for treatment of several diseases since US FDA approved the use of such devices for treatment of brain tumors. Furthermore, differentiating cells of different tissues, by means of electromagnetic fields only seems to be a new suitable biotechnology for regenerative medicine and surgery including myocardium regeneration.

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