Как изменяется объем истинного и ложного просвета в нисходящей аорте после операции «Замороженный хобот слона»

Назад к программе

Рукосуев А., Усай M.В., Ибрагим А., Мотекаллеми А., Оберхубер А., Дель'Aквила А.М.

University Hospital Muenster, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (Muenster, Germany);

Objective: To evaluate the early and mid-term volume changes of the true (TL) and false lumen (FL) assessed trough computed tomography (CT) scans after frozen elephant trunk (FET) procedure for treatment of acute type A aortic dissection.
Methods:  A total of 20 patients (2 women, 57 ± 17 years) underwent Thoraflex™ Hybrid implantation (Terumo Aortic by Vascutek, Scotland) between April 2015 und March 2018 in a single institution. Patients were followed-up at 1 and 2 years. The length of the aorta assessed included the downstream aorta extended from subclavian artery to the celiac trunk. The Aquarius software (TeraRecon, Inc.) was used to determine volumetric changes.
Results: A total of 158 volumetric measures were performed. TL volume increased from 77 ± 48 mm3 before surgery to 88 ± 34 mm3 (p = 1.0) at discharge and to 134 ± 28 mm3 after 2 years (p = 0.007). The FL volume did not significantly change over time, being 158 ± 68 mm3 before surgery, 167 ± 90 mm3 at discharge (p = 1.0) and 157 ± 79 mm3 after 2 years (p = 1.0).
Conclusions: An increase in TL volume could be achieved with FET procedure (Thoraflex™ Hybrid) immediately and increases significantly in the early follow-up. In the same frame period FT volumes remain stable. Further studies including more observations and longer follow-up are needed to confirm those preliminary results.

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