Неинвазивное лечение сердечных приступов при помощи электромагнитной терапии в кардиологии

Назад к программе

Giuliani L. 1, Belpoggi F. 1, Marinelli F. 1, Salia N. 2

1Institute Bernardino Ramazzini SCRL, Bologna, Italy; 2Bakoulev CCVS6Moscow, Russia;

Purpose: Heart attacks could be treated by means of implantation of cardiac stem cells differentiated from induced multipotent stem cells (IPSCs), whose maturation can be enhanced by means of a suitable couple of static and alternate magnetic fields. Methods: Previously (2008) we tested the maturation of human cardiac stem cells, taken from the interior left ventricle, thanks to a couple of magnetic fields, both tuned according to the ion cyclotron resonant frequency (ICR) of Calcium ions. Today an experiment starts to apply the same method to IPSCs, funded by Italian Government and by National Institute for Insurance at Work (INAIL), with one million euro. The experiment includes an assay in vivo, on Sprague Dawley rats, to test the housing of IPSCs, after their differentiation in cardiomyocytes and their maturation by means of electromagnetic fields. Results: In our previous test, primary cardiac cells, obtained from human myocardial bioptic specimens, spontaneously evolving towards two phenotypes - cardiac and endothelial-, were exposed to Calcium-ICR, promoting a significant increase in the expression of cardiac markers and driving their differentiation toward a specific cardiac phenotype. However, the evolution of such cells toward the muscle pulsing functionality of cardiomyocytes could not be completed. IPSCs offer a better perspective, because of the enhanced process of differentiation and maturation they reach. Preliminary results are very encouraging and the exposure to Calcium-ICR should improve them. Conclusions: Previous achievements introduced a new electromagnetic biotechnology to be available to cardio surgeons and to cardiologists for a non invasive a therapy for heart attacks, through implant of cardiac stem cells, differentiated in cardiomyocytes. The choice of stem cell line and the use of suitable ICRs seems to be crucial in orfer to reach the full functionality of cardiomyocytes.

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