June 3 – 4, 2016 X jubilee international conference «Actual aspects of extracorporeal blood purification in intensive care»

3 - 4 июня 2016



June 3 – 4, 2016

Dear Colleagues, Participants and Guests of the Conference!

The years insensibly passed since the first Russian Conference dedicated to the problems of extracorporeal hemocorrection in patients of the intensive care units was held in 1988. And now we have been already meeting for the tenth time in the hospitable “Heart House” on Rublevskoe highway in June 2016. Of course, analyzing the results of the previous forums, it should be said about the importance of these meetings for the development of intensive care in our country. Just have a look what a wide variety of methods of extracorporeal treatment has become available for the experts who work with the population of critically ill patients. It notes that more and more clinics almost routinely use different methods of extracorporeal blood correction. Today it is difficult to imagine a modern intensive care unit which is not performing the extracorporeal procedures. Undoubtedly, this contributed to our regular meetings over the past 18 years, where the leading experts from Russia and abroad shared their successes and achievements with us and determined the direction of further studies. Year by year there has been progress in the level of reports provided by local authors starting from uninteresting messages within the framework of the first conference and finishing by the argumentative and thoughtful answers within the next forums. Thus, assessing the results of the last 10 conferences, one can certainly say that they have been of great benefit to the development of clinical medicine in the country. The main objectives of our following meetings should be the evaluation of the effectiveness of new methods of extracorporeal blood correction and their introduction into clinical practice, organization and conduction of fundamental and large multicenter randomized trials.

The scientific program of the conference traditionally includes problems of diagnostics and extracorporeal treatment of acute kidney injury and acute liver failure in children and adults. One of the sections will be fully devoted to the questions of diagnosis and intensive therapy of kidney injury in patients after cardiac surgery as one of the most common causes of renal dysfunction. The possibility of using extracorporeal techniques in the treatment of sepsis will also be fully discussed. The reports will present the results of various sorption cartridges, made both by domestic and foreign manufacturers, and much more other things.

As previously, the leading researchers from Europe, Japan and the USA will take part in the conference. We will be extremely pleased to welcome Professor Ravindra Mehta, a well-known nephrologist from the USA who took an active part in the first our conference 18 years ago. Another famous nephrologist from the UK is Marlies Ostermann who will give lectures on the effectiveness of the use of high doses of loop diuretics in patients in the intensive care unit and the possibilities of extracorporeal blood correction in the treatment of acute pancreatitis. One of the founders of the current concepts of the pathophysiology and pathogenesis of sepsis, Professor Steven Opal from the United States will reveal the principles of the modern classification of sepsis and provide new data on the clinical application of extracorporeal sorption methods in the intensive care of this severe pathology. French scientist, Thomas Rimmele, will present data on sepsis-induced immunosuppression in the patients in the ICU, and Professor Zsolt Molnar from Hungary will talk about his clinical experience in using «CytoSorb» columns for the purpose of cytokine elimination in septic shock. Interesting topics are stated in the framework of the satellite symposia, organized by general partners of the conference and world leaders in the production of equipment and accessories for efferent treatments – “Fresenius Medical Care” and ZAO "Fresenius SP" (Germany - Russia), as well as "B/B Medical" and “Toray” (Russia - Japan).

The Organizing Committee of IX Conference "Actual aspects of extracorporeal blood purification in intensive care" invites all specialists of our country to take an active part in the regular forum. We sincerely hope that presented reports and lectures will allow the delegates and guests of the conference to evaluate and interpret the results of their own daily work, introduce new methods of diagnosis and treatment and increase work efficiency of professionals from the ICU.

Acadimician of RAS and RAM L.A. Bockeria
ProfessorM.B. Yaroustovsky